What is your purpose of Life.

Before the radios use to deliver news from Akashwani center(I am not even considering television and the Internet) something called Ramlila’s were quite famous in the rural areas of India and they still are. The only reasoning power that bursts from my grey cells is that it was live and people could relate to the visuals and the story that was being told. Simply that’s also one reason that we have so much money stacked on movies/television. Not to forget in this clattering age of Social Media and Facebook, videos are the cheerleaders.  
Personally I love to watch videos that are today posted on every other social media site(everyone wants to cash in with more likes and hits) but there are some videos that just stop your heart beat. You just see them and say WOAW. You share them not with the idea that how many people would like to comment on it but you really want to share something into your social arena. The idea is to tell what is that you feel about/what do you stand for/what are the rational thoughts that pump blood into your heart.Yes it’s the feeling of sharing that oozes out and wants to go viral.
One such video I came across few days ago while i was religiously scanning my Facebook. The video was posted by one of my friend who hails from one of “The” neighbouring country.
After seeing the video I had two thoughts one had a feeling of can I do something like this/am I just reacting on the spur of the moment and will be normal after a while. The second thought that was pinching my jingoistic muscle is that why as an Indian I was not aware of this god sent angel, Naryanan Krishnan. I am not going to say anything more and will leave you will this video that will talk the Naryanan’s journey, what & why is he doing.
I wonder people say this age is Kalyug but then I say we have angels like Naryanan who are thriving too. On the contrary can we at least support him in any which way we like.
Keep Rocking,
Prasant N.




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  1. Prasant Naidu

    Vin,Great to see some of my old blogging mates still follow me, care to comment and comment with a purpose. Gives me lot of redbull to my brain and makes me think more and more . Yes it’s a new blog but the writer is same, his thoughts would be same like the name of my blog.I want to tell a story and want to engage people into it. So that’s the idea to keep it simple, plain, witty and real :)Keep Rocking and Can we have something from vin’s too in the blogging world ?Keep Rocking,PN.

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