1. It takes courage and conviction to go after your dreams. At the present moment of time, atleast I wouldn’t be willing to leave the comforts of a paying job to start from scratch because it would mean making so many sacrifices along the way. But I know that I am missing a learning curve 🙁

    • prasant

      It is an individual call and being in job you can learn a lot 🙂 You should love what you are doing like I am loving it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂

  2. Tejaswi

    Super inspirational! The last line ‘If you had to start a startup at the end then what was the need to study so much?’ had me laugh. Mothers will be mothers aferall. 😀

  3. Appreciate your Courage to start up without any support… Starting up immediately after marriage and that too by telling a lie to your parents truely indicates how passionate you are….

    I’m sure you’ll go a long way… Good Luck for a great future ahead…

  4. You are living my dream, if not totally but partially 🙂 . Stories like this gives me the inspiration to take up some reluctant steps and make a little difference in my own way 🙂
    thanks Prashant 🙂

    • prasant

      Do what makes you happy and don’t follow me or else you are bound to hit more mistakes in life 😉
      Thanks for the thoughts Amrita.

  5. Prasant, probably i can relate and understand. I am sure they will be proud of you and wish you all the success. Parents are like that, especially moms. As you said, all they want is to see you prosper.

    • prasant

      Thanks for the support and even if they don’t I have no issues at all 🙂
      It is my choice and i can’t force people to accept it.

  6. One word you are the spartens.
    “A person who sweat more in practice bleed less during the war. ” You handle everything perfectly bro, Kudos to your efforts. All the best for LHI. Keep enlightning social media space.

  7. Chetan

    Prasant Sir,

    Nice Blog about this whole debacle. I had to infact leave my job just a month before my marriage. I didnt inform my parents and inlaws. But yes did inform my wife. She was confident I would get another job after marriage.

    But she didnt knew what was going on in my mind after marriage. I had went through a lot of problems intially after marriage. But now, I have my own agency, friends ditched, colleagues poached clients, but all in all its been an experience of 2012 and 2013. It had taught me a lot.

    I am a Search Engine Marketer. Would be starting my own blog very soon. Thought to get connected to some of the best bloggers like you in the industry.


  8. Vishal Menon

    Really touched by your story!!!! Can relate to you as well!! I failed three times before getting to where I am with my current business!!!! Best of luck bro!! Keep at it!!

  9. Prasant,
    When I reached to the month when you finally told it to your parents, I realized that every time we met, you were under this, if I may call it a guilt, that you had not told it to your parents yet and that how would they react. It was indeed a very brave decision (of the start-up) and taking such a decision immediately after your marriage needs a lot of courage, especially when finances are a big question mark. Hats Off to you buddy. Wish you all the best.

    • prasant

      Thanks Animesh, I am glad that I had a complete support of Vinaya otherwise it was impossible 🙂
      Good luck! May be this time I meet you i would be a free(of guilt) man 😉

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