Good Bye Anupam Saxena

The year was 2012; I was at a social media event in Delhi trying to understand the business in the Indian space. By lunch I was quite bored as the event had more speakers than participants. Post lunch after some more talks the room was opened for an amazing un-conference.

We were divided into small teams assigned with some interesting tasks. Before we could hit as a team solving the tasks, a thin looking simple guy said hello to me. I shook hands and the young man told he was a journalist at Medianama and he is Anupam Saxena.

I was speechless for a second as it was a fan boy moment.

Anupam SaxenaI have been a fan of Medianama from the day I started Lighthouse Insights and those days I knew Anupam was a big support to Nikhil’s team. I have followed his app reviews, learnt the art and
implemented them in my stories too. The meeting was a very small one but it still remains with me.

Time moved on; Anupam left Medianama and joined NDTV Gadgets which is now known as Gadgets 360. We became Twitter friends and any help I needed on smartphones or gadgets he was my go to man. In the age of listicles, I was a consistent reader of his in-depth reviews and he also appreciated our growth too.

One look at his Twitter feed, you will know what the young man was all about. He loved tech, good food and movies. In fact once he even saved my money and time by advising not to go to a horrible Bollywood movie.

Beyond this we didn’t know each other. We never shared Whatsapp jokes or worked together or called each other, never got a chance to say hello again. Last I knew he was working with TOI, grown as a credible tech reporter and was really looked up to in the industry. But why am I feeling pain in my body from last evening after I read this tweet:

The young man is no more and it has surprised and shocked his colleagues and friends. Most of them are yet to come to terms with the sad news and one may never know what his parents might be going through. I can only pray for more power and strength to his family.

May be the reason I am feeling pain is because of who he was – humble and helping soul. So what if we were never friends but he was always there to help and speak with an open mind. As I grow older I have realized that more than your professional achievements you would always be remembered as a human being.

Going through the tweets regarding his passing away, I can see how much loved and cared Anupam was for the sheer reason that he was a great soul. Being human is an everyday process and I wish to borrow the trait from him.

Good bye Anupam Saxena, I may not know you well but I will always remember you since our first meeting.

May you rest in peace!

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  1. Manish Goyal

    I’ve met him in person during a casual meeting as we had some common friends; I could relate to what others say about him – that he was humble, generous and easy going. Indeed a great human soul. May he rest in peace!

  2. I have never known him. For that matter Prasant, we two have interacted so less. But I have indeed admired you for that one HONEST STORY which you dared to write and thereon to every humble steps you take to make LI a great digital portal for people like us.

    But this article of yours, specifically the line: “As I grow older I have realized that more than your professional achievements you would always be remembered as a human being.” has made me realize something very important. The true success is in being a better human being than you were yesterday.

    May god bless his family and friends with more strength to cope with the loss. May you always come across such people who add meaning to your life. Thanks for penning this down.

    • prasant

      I am a admirer of Ravish from NDTV. Very recently he said – “Being Human is an every day process and it keeps on happening, we shouldn’t stop that.” I have realized this more after being an entrepreneur and LI has made me a better human.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and I am glad that I knew this brilliant guy. He completed his innings as a better human being.

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